Our Process

Once we have determined that we are the right agency for you, we guide both buyers and sellers through our time-tested process.

  • We educate you about the basis of market value and current market conditions. We provide this education in our classroom and in the field as we tour property with you.
  • Our agents teach you what they know. We have found that as an empowered client you can make informed decisions based on verifiable facts rather than act on emotional impulses in response to seller’s fictions or buyer’s whims.
  • We then negotiate rational pricing in an often irrational market, using the strongest negotiating skills and experience available.
  • After striking a deal, we meticulously execute the due diligence and closing phases of your transaction.
  • Our process has consistently yielded mutually beneficial transactions that reflect true market value for both buyers and sellers.

“Our success and reputation are not measured by the commissions we earn, they are instead measured by your satisfaction years after our transaction has concluded.” – Jerry Pape Jr.