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Bozeman Residential Real Estate News

The forecast shows temperatures going from the mid-70's to the low 50's at the end of the first week in October. with snow a few days later. It's right around this time every year, that the last few clients for the season decide to pull the trigger. Typically, once we enter the holiday season, residential real estate in all but the resort regions of Southwest Montana slows down.

Let's take a peek at what these late season residential buyers have to choose from with this snapshot of our inventory in Bozeman and the immediate vicinity as of Monday Sept 26, 2011: Read more ...

Bozeman Commercial Real Estate News

Commercial Real Estate in Bozeman has reached an interesting reversal over the last year or so. Where we saw a predominance of commercial lease listings vs. commercial sale listings last year, this year we see the predominance of commercial sale listings vs. lease listings.

In conjunction with falling lease rates, we believe that this shift marks the last stage of a regional commercial real estate correction. Commercial property owners who were unable to fill their leases are now moving to sell their liabilities to stem losses. This creates a significant discount opportunity for seasoned commercial property investors who are willing to wait out the upside of a downturn.

Similarly, with lease rates on grade B office space at a hovering at 70% of the typical $12 per foot, an opportunity exists to either renegotiate existing leases at a reduced rate or move to a new location with a sufficient incentive to offset costs of moving.